Private Detectives are experts in gathering evidence and information and believe you have a right to know the truth. The information may be collected for legal purposes or simply because you need answers to your questions. Private Detectives work for individuals, law firms, companies, government agencies, insurers, and others.
We like to think the best of people. It would be nice to believe that friends, family, loved ones, and co-workers have all our best interests at heart. Imagine a world where dishonesty, fraud, infidelity, crime, and corruption did not exist.

Actually, there are times when you can face unpleasant situations. For example, a confidence test; you notice suspicious behaviour at home, at work, in a neighbourhood. People disappear. As a result, you may experience feelings of fear and anxiety. You may feel that you have lost control over your surroundings. Loss, betrayal, and uncertainty can do that to a person. Situations like this require expert advice and the help of experienced professionals. Also, this is where the private detective agency can help. The right private detective agency can provide evidence; do background checks; find a criminal record; Relieve your doubts and help you regain control over your life.
Private Detectives can cover a wide range of work. Not all private investigators do all of these things, so it is important to find a Private Detectives who has experience or expertise that matches the job you want to do. Common work for a Private Detective includes Pre and Post matrimonial investigation, divorce cases, love affair, background check, surveillance, missing person trace, and fraud cases.
Yes. Your information is kept confidential unless we are required by law or a court order to share your information with the authorities. Your case will not be discussed outside of our firm without your permission. In addition, all case histories and client information are kept in a secure location.
It costs nothing to contact us and discuss your case. During the initial consultation, we can describe your options and provide a non-binding cost estimate. Each matter is quoted for individually as we like to offer personalized solutions to each person or company that needs our help. The easiest way for you to get an accurate estimate is to contact a Private Detective today and discuss your requirements.
Before hiring Private Detectives, we encourage you to do some research! Choosing the right private detective can make a big difference in the outcome of your case and the quality of the evidence you collect. Take a few minutes to review the websites of the private detective agency and also run their names on Google to see what other information comes up.

Having successfully completed thousands of cases in our 30-years history, we attribute our longevity to a strong emphasis on customer service..
If you engage Raagam Consulting, you get the benefit of our experience and knowledge, a guarantee of confidentiality and, where requested, a written report regarding the outcome of your investigation. You also get the peace of mind that comes from relying on India’s most reliable Raagam Consulting detective agency.
You can contact us by calling on number i.e. +91- 8600003557 / +91- 8600003559. You can also mail us your enquiry to
Raagam Consulting team consists of experienced investigators with varied backgrounds viz intelligence, law enforcement, government, Armed forces , lawyers, information technology professionals and counsellors. All investigators are required to undergo a professional training program we hold the distinction of resolving cases in shortest span of time. We have built up a reputation of being able to understand the needs of clients on case-to-case basis and provide a tailor-made solutions keeping in mind his financial boundaries and time frame.
We believe in total Confidentiality, which is paramount in our profession. Once you have trusted in our services, we will only submit results/ reports to you, or person / legal representative deputed by you. We ensure proper authenticity prior submitting reports and same will be verified in each case. We are under no obligation to inform any third party of what we are doing for you, and we never release any information to law enforcement or other relevant agencies.
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